A good knight’s sleep

It may be the last chance to view a truly remarkable piece of historical English furniture on display for the remainder of March at Posterity in Ledbury. A Sixteenth century four poster bed is destined to feature in a specialist sale at Christies in London in July.

Dating from 1565, and originally in Yorkshire, the bed is a veritable riot of early English oak carving, the headboard boasts Kings and Queens of yore with various imps, pomegranates, Tudor roses, decorative panels in relief and even a secret door to a hidden compartment. By 1781 the history of the bed finds it residing at `Pyes Nest Manor` in the `haunted chamber` of that houseĀ  and the property of Sir Henry Edwards who commissioned its `modernisation`. It then found its way to Herefordshire.

There are very few beds of this nature still in existence and in such fine condition, perhaps arguably the nearest being `The Great bed of Ware` on display in the Victoria and Albert museum. The `Pyes Nest bed` is perhaps unique in that it has finely carved features of Christian carving taken from the Old Testament alongside various pagan references such as a `Green Man` motif at the base of the bed.

It can be seen amongst the more diverse and contemporary items of stock during hours of business at Posterity in Ledbury unless purchased privately before it is due to leave for entry in the auction.