Elvis has left the building…but heyho, Spring is in the air.

A sad parting.

Clearout auction, certainly was a clearout. The barn is EMPTY!  Very cathartic, but sad in some ways. Prices were on the whole low. I still can’t get the hang of estimates. You estimate high, people get frightened away, you estimate low, and people stop bidding once they have gone over the estimate. So I imagine there are a lot of happy salegoers this week. Life without Elvis will be hard (not so hard without Alan Titchmarch). We now need to remove all those items from the website quickly.

However we can now get on with the planned work and next time you visit I expect you won’t recognise the place.

The plan is to hold an open weekend 31st/1st. So watch this space.

Cheltenham Gold Cup approaches. Look out for an outsider this year. Kauto’s confidence will have been hit by his heavy fall on the gallops, and Long Run seems to have lost the plot a bit.

Macintosh books sales continue to trundle on, and if you have been after a copy on Amazon, don’t be put off by the ‘out of stock’. They do get to you after about a week. (its just that they can’t guarantee the next day delivery thing).