ART comes to Posterity

Antiques Road Trip visits Posterity. 

Out of the blue, Charlie Ross and his STV film crew arrived at Posterity. He ended up buying an old well weathered Spanish tinaja (1900-1910) which he said was the most expensive item he had purchased since being part of the show. It will be most interesting to see how it gets on at the auction and we all look forward to seeing the episode once it is aired (watch this space).

The crew set up at Posterity

       “A charming man, Mr. Ross, started by trying to buy our  favourite shop mannequin (we couldn’t possibly part with Samantha), then he moved on to a Johnny Walker advertising figure, but once he realsied that it was plastic,  his attentions turned to the huge olive oil jars. How they ever got it into the saleroom I don’t know.  It brightened up a damp day, and poor Charlie had to go home in his  Triumph with the hood down!”