2012 news

Happy New Year.

What’s in store for 2012? 

With the slowing of the housing market, the reclamation side of the business has almost stopped, and it seems pointless keeping three large barns full of stock.  However, the sales of and interest in vintage, retro and interiors is still very buoyant. This is the direction we will be promoting and this years plan is to divide the yard into smaller units. More customers, more variation, more interest and more promotion. We have therefore advertised up to five units in the main ‘farm building’ for people who want to start small businesses, such as upholsterers, picture framers, artists, or simply for people who want to retail items that will fit in with the general idea of the yard…… collectables of all kinds, furniture, vintage items, or local produce. We will also offer an outside space for someone to supply herbs/ shrubs etc.

The yard is constantly manned and with the existing business of posterity, the gallery,  cafe Salvation which reopens in March, yes we can’t wait, and Tina’s upstairs retro store we should have a place to visit. Do let us know if you would be interested in a space, or if you know anyone who might be.